Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you officiate as Rabbi at interfaith marriages?
A:  Yes.  I believe that Judaism should welcome those who want to become part of the Jewish community, even if they are not prepared to convert at this moment.

Q: Do you co-officiate at weddings with clergy of other religions?
A: Yes.  I believe that there is one God and many paths.  Jewish tradition can form the backbone of the wedding. Including elements of other traditions can offer beauty and spirituality, as well as providing connections to those raised in other traditions..Co-officiating is one of many ways to add richness and familiarity.

Q: Do you do same gender weddings (commitment ceremonies)?
A: Yes. Jewish ceremonies can and should be adapted to all forms of expressions of love and spirituality.

Q: Do you officiate at cremations and at funerals for those who have been cremated?
A:  Yes.  While not popular, cremation is an acceptable process within the Jewish religion.  Some Jewish cemetaries facilitate cremations. The Bible, (I Samuel 31:12) tells of the cremation of King Saul and his sons. I have officiated at meaningful funerals at which cremated remains were buried in the ground, and in which they were distributed at sea. As a transdenominational Jew I am influenced by, but not limited by halachah.

Q: Do you co-officiate at funeral with clergy of other religions?
A: Yes.  A funeral serves several goals. It provides comfort and closure for the family and friends. It honors the deceased, and it provides the comfort of Jewish tradition. With today’s mixed families, introducing elements from other faith traditions can help achieve these goals.

Q:  Will you officiate outside of Southern California?
A:  Yes.  While I am based in Orange County, in Southern California, arrangements for travel are easily made.

Q: Will you speak and teach all denominations of Judaism?
A: Yes. My teaching is transdenominational. These teachings are grounded in the Bible and Jewish tradition and are interesting to all denominations.

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