What I Do

My program of rational Judaism-combining Jewish Tradition and Modern Thought is implemented through four main paths.

  1. Ceremonies:  When I officiate at ceremonies, I provide people of all backgrounds and lifestyles with meaningful weddings, funerals, and other events, which are based in Jewish tradition and match the needs of modern families and friends.  I believe it is essential to meet the needs of all the participants, including participants from other faith traditions.
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  2. Teaching: I provide educational programs and presentations.  Some primary topics are diversity in Jewish tradition, alternative ways to understand the Bible and the prayer book, Torah study, and how we can explore and develop our understanding of God.  These can be addressed to people of all beliefs-from traditional Jews to people who declare that they do not believe in God
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  3. Services: A third path is through leading services such as Shabbat, festivals and the high holidays. Every service has a goal, a Kavanah. Perhaps it is the peace of Shabbat, the self-examination of Yom Kippur, or the celebration of Torah on the Festival of Shavuot. Jewish tradition offers a wealth of teachings, liturgy, and ritual practices for each event. Depending on the community, the liturgy may be edited, translated, and augmented to make the event meaningful for the participants.
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  4. Finally, I will be sharing my insights on God, religion and science in writing. 
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