Life Events

Jewish tradition includes excellent ways to take note of things that happen in our lives. Many are joyous-bar and bat mitzvahs, welcoming a new baby, celebrating an anniversary. Some offer comfort such as funerals, hospice calls, sick visits.

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At birth; A male child is usually welcomed into the covenant with a circumcision, a Brit Milah, although some families elect to not do a circumcision at this time.  Girls are welcomed with a Bat Simcha, a naming ceremony.

Bar or Bat Mitzvah;  I have officiated at traditional Bar and Bat Mitzvahs for families that don’ have a synagogue connection.  And sometimes, we need an innovative  Bar or Bat Mitzvah  a child and family doesn’t fit in the traditional synagogue structure.  You can read about an unusual Bar Mitzvah  story in JLife Magazine.

A New Home; How do start living in a new home with the right feelings and sentiments.  We can install a Mezuzah, say some blessings, and start the new home off with the right spirit and feelings.

Weddings; I’ve got a whole page for these.  Click here

Illness; Hospital visits, sickbed visits, hospice visits, whether regularly scheduled or in response to a special need, can add important comfort to the ill and to the family.

Funerals; Funerals vary from traditional burials in a cemetery, to ceremonies that accommodate the  needs of interfaith families, and situations where-the deceased has requested a different type of service.

Special Occasions; Many special occasion can be enhanced by using a Jewish traditional service or creating a new one to celebrate the joy, or to ease the fear and sadness.

Lets talk about the service you are interest in, and how we can produce the perfect ceremony for your circumstance.  There is no cost or obligation for this conversation.