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I am Rabbi Lawrence P. Seidman. My approach to Judaism combines the heritage of three thousand years of Jewish spirituality and tradition with modern ideas and values. The phrase Rational Rabbi emphasizes this combination . I believe that this integration can make religious ceremonies and practices meaningful and valuable for all people. Religious practice must integrate all of our values and beliefs.

We don’t have to choose between spirituality and logic.

We don’t have to choose between science and God.

We can be Rational and Religious.


My approach to ceremonies, services, and teaching enables everyone to understand and participate. All activities enable the participants, whoever they are, to access the resources of Jewish wisdom.

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Rabbi Lawrence P. Seidman, PhD, officiates modern Jewish and interfaith wedding ceremonies. He cherishes the 3000 years of Jewish spirituality and tradition while relating the ceremony’s heritage to every individual’s background.

In addition to officiating wedding ceremonies, Rabbi Lawrence also provides educational programs and presentations on topics including diversity in Jewish tradition, alternative ways to understand the Bible and the prayer book. He also performs Torah studies, allowing everyone to participate and gain insight into religion and culture.

Rabbi Lawrence also leads Shabbat, festivals and the High Holiday services. If you want a personalized wedding ceremony with religious tradition, contact Rabbi Lawrence P. Seidman, PhD today. Browse through the website to learn more about Rabbi Lawrence P. Seidman, PhD and contact Rabbi Lawrence with any questions as to his services.

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